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The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors
Tarjan, Gregor | 2007
International Marine Publishing
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A book on cruising catamarans - illustrated with four-color photography and diagrams. From the technical details to the luxurious lifestyle, it covers various aspects of cruising cats. It reviews basic concepts of design, construction, and performance. It discusses the catamaran developments.

The modern cruising catamaran has arrivedThe arguments are over and the verdict is in--cruising catamarans comprise a rapidly growing percentage of the cruising fleet worldwide. Their advantages of space, stability, speed, and handling under power are truly compelling, and modern cats are every bit as reliable as monohulls. This long overdue, in-depth guide will help you choose and cruise the right catamaran for your needs. An authoritative guide for novices and experienced sailors; the best book written on the subjects since the early 1990s. - Trimaran Jim Brown, renowned multihull designer

In Catamarans, Gregor Tarjan shares his enthusiasm for yachts with two hulls, based on years of sailing all types. An excellent introduction. - Dick Newick, legendary catamaran and trimaran designer

If you are contemplating spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a cruising catamaran, the small price of this book is probably the best investment you could possibly start with. - from the Foreword by Charles K. Chiodi, publisher of Multihulls Magazine


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