Electrics afloat

ISBN 9780713661491

Electrics afloat

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Alistair Garrod | Adlard Coles | 2001
112 pag. | paperback | Engelstalig
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Based on the award-winning series in PBO magazine, this book has several unique features. A four-page fold-out illustrating a yacht's complete electrical layout, it is the only full-colour illustrated book on boat electrics we know. It has a list of the world's leading marine electrical websites, trouble-shooting table and much more.

This is an electrical book with a difference. Based on one of Practical Boot Owner magazine's most successful series, Alastair Garrod's cutting edge computer generated artwork and clear uncomplicated text succeeds in simplifying an extremely complicated subject in a new and exciting way. The magazine series was nominated at the British Nautical Awards 2000 for the most outstanding piece of published work on any nautical subject. Electrics Made Simple is a ground-breaking book with several unique features: * very clear, well illustrated explanations of boat electrical systems * no offputting formulae or calculations * a four-page fold out illustration of a yacht's complete electrical layout * a resume of the world's leading marine electrical websites * troubleshooting information * the only colour illustrated boat electrics book on the market


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