Essential Boat Radar

Essential Boat Radar
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ISBN 9780470778111
Essential Boat Radar
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Uitgebreid en onmisbaar boek over de de basisprincipes en het gebruik van radar aan boord van een jacht. Van het interpreteren van het radarbeeld tot het voorkomen van aanvaringen met de hulp van radar. Hoe het weer in de gaten te houden en uiteraard navigeren met de hulp van de radar.
Bill Johnson | Wiley Nautical | 2009
110 pag. | paperback | full colour | Engelstalig
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From the basic principles through to more in-depth expertise, this is your no-nonsense introduction to radar.

The book gives you sufficient information to understand what’s going on, then proceeds directly to basic radar use.

You will learn what radar does and doesn’t do and how to make simple adjustments to get a decent picture. There is more information on the various confusions and anomalies that the picture can present, progressing to the intricacies of a modern digital (raster) set. Finally, you will learn the key elements to consider when choosing and installing a radar system on your boat.

Onderwerpen die aan bod komen:

  • Radar - what it does, and how it works
  • How Radar Works
  • Understanding What a Radar Does
  • How a Radar "Sees"
  • Getting Technical
  • Measuring Distance
  • Measuring Direction
  • Basic Radar
  • Picture Display Beam Width Picture Stabilization
  • Where Can It See?
  • Examples of radar ranges
  • What Can It See?
  • Examples of different types of radar target
  • Clutter
  • How It Displays the Picture
  • Looking At a Radar Picture
  • Basic machine and controls - how to get a good picture
  • Turning the Radar On
  • Range
  • Scale Control
  • Brilliance, or Light and Contrast
  • Gain
  • Tuning The Display
  • Sea Clutter
  • Rain (Precipitation) Clutter
  • Electronic Bearing Line
  • Variable Range Marker
  • Cursor
  • Getting a Usable Picture Working With a Target
  • How to use radar for collision avoidance
  • Introduction AIS
  • Practical Approach in Reduced Visibility
  • Radar Reflectors
  • Fast Targets
  • Collision Risk
  • Radar Assisted Collisions
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea IRCPS Rule 19 IRCPS Rule 7
  • Plotting
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • VHF Radio
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Spotting Small Targets
  • Assisting the Lookout in Moderate Visibility
  • Blind Navigation Exercise
  • Points to note
  • How to use radar for navigation and pilotage
  • Which Type of Display?
  • Comparison between Chart and Radar Picture
  • Identifying Radar Targets
  • Landfall
  • Radar Position Lines
  • What are position lines and clearing lines?
  • Plotting Radar Position Lines
  • Position Fix Using Radar Racons (Radar Beacons)
  • What is a SART?
  • Useful Techniques
  • Position Lines and Position Fixing
  • Pilotage Using Radar
  • Distance-Off
  • More radar science - confusion and anomalies
  • Radar Frequency Bands
  • Signal Strength and Range Pulse Length and Pulse Repetition Frequency
  • Target Expansion
  • Horizontal Beam Width
  • Vertical Beam Width
  • Side Lobes
  • Indirect and Multiple Echoes
  • Interference from Other Radars
  • Refraction and Range
  • Modern radar - more advanced functions
  • "Basic" and "Advanced" Functionality
  • Look-Ahead / Zoom In Azimuth
  • Stabilized Display
  • Ship's Heading
  • Data Target Latitude and Longitude
  • Combining Radar with Navigation Information
  • AIS Integration
  • True Motion Display: Ground Stabilized
  • True Motion Display: Sea Stabilized
  • Different types of display
  • Signal Strength
  • Dual Range Display
  • High Speed Update
  • Scan-to-Scan
  • Correlation
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • Target Wakes (Echo Trails)
  • Guard Zones Watchman Mode
  • Choosing and installing radar
  • Safety Radar
  • Power Scanner
  • Size Scanner
  • Weight Scanner
  • Position
  • Electrical Supply and Cables
  • Integration with Other Instruments
  • Positioning of Display

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